UDI U818A Drone Review: Bring Kid in you

If you’ve been searching for drones in the price range of under $200, the best choice is the UDI U818A quad-copter drone. This drone not only lets the new pilots learn to fly and control a drone for themselves but also is famous in adults for those who have been very passionate about drones.

The UDI U818A is a Quadcopter of 6 Axis Gyro 4 CH 2.4GHz that looks like a UFO and provides gyro stabilization of 6 axes. It really isn’t the matter of concern whether one is an experienced or new, flying UDI U818A you’ll have the ability to enjoy high-speed flight and loops.

Special features Of UDI U818A

  • The 6 axis Gyro checks the posture of the drone thereby stabilizing the flight.
  • It provides a flight time of about 6-9 minutes.
  • It can be controlled up to 30 meters of range.
  • It is provided with a 3.7V Li-Po Power cell.
  • The battery takes about 120 mins to charge.
  • Transmitter along with LED.
  • 2MP HD Camera.
  • Provided with Return to home function.
  • 360-degree eversion.
  • 4Gb Micro Sd memory card.

UDI U818A: Inside the package you generally get

  • UDI U818A Quadcopter.
  • 4GHz Remote Controller.
  • 2 Li-Po power cells.
  • USB charger.
  • Micro SD card of 4GB capacity.
  • 4 sets of spare propellers.
  • Power Bank.
  • User manual.

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Talking about its design the drone has a fairly robust construction. The high torque motors have proven to be very efficient for the device. This helps you to change the directions easily and effortlessly. The ring structure surrounding the propellers protects it every time especially during collisions and crashes. On the whole, the drone is very stiff, compact, and lightweight providing it the required strength. It is also provided with spare propellers.


The UDI U818A is fitted with a 2MP Hd camera which allows you to take pictures and in some versions it also allows you to record videos. The camera feed can be displayed in two separate forms. First, you can display them as First Person View, or you can view them later as they are stored on the given 4 GB SD card.

Battery and Flight Time:

The UDI U818A is provided with a removable 3.7V battery which gives it around 6-9 minutes of flight time. A pair of spare batteries have been provided in the package which increases the flight time.

The provided Li-Po batteries take up to 2 hours to charge completely.

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The remote controller provided with the drone is very simple and convenient for the users. It comes with a digital screen showing battery power, speed, and other details of this kind. For a pilot, basic knowledge about the remote controller is required. It is essential for the users to go through the manual provided so as they don’t face any problem while flying.

Indoor and Outdoor Flying:

For this drone, both indoor and outdoor flying is possible as long as the weather is good. Like a typical drone, it can hover in any direction without any difficulty. This is because of the 6 axis Gyro which gives it stability.


The product is available in Amazon at minimal cost, it’s features are great for children as well as for adults. In the price, the company has provided you with a lot of spare parts and accessories. Then what else can be expected? Also, this drone has gathered a lot of popularity because of it’s different flying modes. Overall this is a durable product with fascinating features in a limited budget.

Pros Cons
  • Cost-effective.
  • Controls are outstanding.
  • Durable.
  • Different flying modes.
  • A lot of spare parts and accessories have been provided.
  • It can be piloted both indoors and outdoors.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Less flight time.
  • Camera resolution could be better.

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