List of Top 5 Must-Have Drone Accessories for Beginners & Pro

Purchasing any fancy gadget these days brings along multiple accessories along with it, without say. Even the latest smartphone companies provide free mobile covers with the buy of their single pieces of mobiles and other gadgets. On the same line, owning a drone seems to be a cool thing! They bring along multiple adventures which we can do such as going on a ride or shooting breath-taking pictures with a drone.

Pictures that are taken with the help of a drone add that extra tinge of beauty and a wider range of view to normal photos. It is a perfect way to capture beautiful and fun memories. With its various features, rare camera angle, aerial photography attracts us.

Therefore, in order to keep your memories and your photographer i.e. your drone safe, one requires an essential set of drone gears or accessories, which are highly advisable to use. You would need drone gears to make your drone experience even better.

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 List of Top 5 Must-Have Drone Accessories for Beginners & Pro

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1. Best Carrying Case for Drone

A drone without a case is indeed vulnerable. It requires protection and this is a drone accessory for beginners and drone accessories for pro, both. This is something that we don’t forget because it’s a must-have drone gear. Thinking of putting your drone in your regular trek bag is not a wise decision. Drones are expensive and valuable gadgets which need special care and protection, also because of their small size, they tend to break easily. We, therefore, recommend that you buy a drone case specially designed for your drone.

There are two types of drone gears of this sort that could be found in the market. One of them is a hard box, with foam inside to protect your drone, and the other type is a carrying bag, great for travel, even in public transport.

Our Top Picks for Drone Backpacks:

  • DroneGuard CS 400  (Our Best Pick)
  • Lowepro LP37099 DroneGuard BP 250
  • Estarer Travel Drone Backpack
  • Swiza Universal Drone Backpack
  • PolarPro DroneTrekker Backpack

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The SSE backpack and DroneGuard CS 400 are one such example of a recommended drone gear. SSE bag is quite portable and can be handled on the shoulders with ease. It is manufactured using waterproof material that saves your drone from getting wet or untidy. Besides, this drone accessories for beginners and pro is spacious, has a separate rain cover and is specifically designed to fit all types of drones.

2. Drone Spare Batteries (You should have extra power)

One of the other essential drone accessories for beginners as well as a pro is having spare batteries in hand. It’s known that the average flight time for most drones is about 15-30 minutes. This means that after charging your batteries in the first go, you need extra of this drone gear to keep up the fun! Waiting for the old batteries to charge again would spoil the fun, thus it’s recommended to keep spare batteries. Here are our top picks for an extra battery for your drone. Please make sure these batteries are compatible with your drone.

Check Spare Batteries here

3. Memory Card (Shoot More)

Although most drones already come with a micro SD card, it is recommended to purchase a memory card with a greater capacity which gives you better image storage. Generally, drones have an 8GB memory card, which can be upgraded to 32GB for more capacity. The user can record up to 3 hours of video coverage with a 32GB micro SD card. For longer videos and beautiful photographs, 256GB is the best option to go for.

Best External Memory cards for Drone:

  • Lexar Professional 1800x 128GB  (Best Pick)
  • Netac Memory Card MicroSD 128GB
  • Gigastone 256GB Micro SD Card

Check Fast Memory Cards here

Both beginners and pro require a larger number of clicks to get out the best one. Thus, this is a drone accessory for beginners as well as drone accessories for pro.

4. Landing Pad for you Drone

When drones take off, or when they land, a large amount of dust is kicked up, which is not desirable for the nearby standing people. This takes us to the next drone gear i.e. landing pad for a drone, which is pretty desirable for beginners, not compulsory for pro due to their experience count.

Our Best Pick’s:

  • AURTEC Drone Landing Pad 4 LED Lights
  • O’woda Drone Landing Pad, Universal 43.5inches with LED Lights
  • PGYTECH Landing Pad Pro for Drones

Check Drone Landing Pads here

Using the launch or landing pad, you will not hurt or dirty your drone. A safe landing will be ensured, at all times including the night. PGY RC Drone LaunchPad is one such example that is made of high quality and waterproof material for the feasible use, even during rain and snow. Besides, it is portable and can be conveniently packed in a special drone case which doesn’t take up much room.

5. Best Spare Propellers you can have in 2020

When you’re investing in a fancy drone, there’s always a risk of the drone getting hurt. It highly recommended getting this drone gear as it will act as a back-up for your broken propellers if your drone meets with an accident. Having a spare set is not a bad idea and it is highly recommended as a drone accessory for beginners, professionals may handle the drone, as experience speaks.

Our Top Pick’s:

  • Potensic D85 Spare Parts – Propellers
  • VOLANTEXRC 4sets Propeller with Black Nose and 4pcs Propeller
  • DEERC Spare Propellers Blades & Landing Gears Accessories for Holy Stone RC Drone
  • Holy Stone Spare Parts Drone Accessories Kits for Drone
  • Torqeedo Spare Propeller for all tiller models

However, even experts can crash their drones, and then they need to buy new propellers. The problem is, you never know when you are going to crash your drone and therefore, it is always nice to have an extra pair of propellers, before-hand. You can also damage the propeller of your drone when carrying your drone in transit. The right thing to do is keep an extra set of propellers in your backpack!


We as buyers often think upon spending less on the accessories of a gadget that we have bought because, in our opinion, we have already spent a lot on the gadget itself. However, when we wish to use the gadget with so much pride, why not spend a little on its accessories which protect it and excel its performance? 

As any computer software needs hardware, core gadgets need accessories. Drones are no different. Thankfully, the above list is a suitable collection of the best drone gear that should help you excel with your drone. Each of these drone accessories is essential and useful in its own way, all working to protect your core equipment i.e. your drone.

Drone gears are optional but try handling your phone without any cover or gorilla glass for a day or two, your hands would automatically be more careful while handling the phone. Accessories, therefore, give you a kind of satisfaction to worry less about the protection of your gadget by equipping it with gears.

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