DJI Mavic Mini Drone Review

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Mavic Mini is DJI’s palm sized drone that weighs only 249 grams which is 1 gram lighter than a FAA’s registration requirements. It can fly upto 30 minutes in sport mode.  It can go upto 29 miles per hour which is 46.8 km/h and it has 2.5 miles range which is 4 kilometers. The camera which is mounted on an 3 axis gimbal is 12 megapixels.  The 24 millimeter F 2.8 lens is a little wider than DJI spark and it is fixed focus. It can shoot up to 2.7 K 30 frames per second 40 megabits per second video. It costs just 399 dollars and it’s ridiculously steady and easy to fly!

What’s Inside the Box?

Inside the box you are greeted with propeller guards please use these if you’re new you’ll thank me later. Then power adapter, some papers that you should definitely read, three 2400 mAh batteries, battery charging hub which can also be used as battery charger, cables, extra joysticks, a screwdriver to change the propellers, a remote, extra propellers & finally a case which contains the DJI Mavic Mini.

DJI Mavic Mini Details

Mavic mini is incomparably smaller than Mavic 2 pro. Without its battery it weighs 150 grams and with battery it weighs 248 g. One gram is reserved for your memory card. By the way Mavic 2’s battery is heavier than the entire Mavic Mini.

Get one thing straight even though Mavic mini can do stuff that is out of its league it is not a Mavic 2 or Mavic Air replacement. This is the entry-level Mavic because even though it can do the quick shots it doesn’t have the smart features like it cannot track you, it cannot avoid obstacles, you cannot control it with your hand, it doesn’t have color profiles, no Hasselblad camera etc. It has got two optical sensors at the bottom and that’s it.

It is Mavic mini or in other words it is the minimum Mavic. But the lack of all those sensors lights and buttons means it is super light and it can use its power on other stuff. As I mentioned before even though Mavic mini has no active track feature it still can track you during quick shots. It actually recognizes people and tripods. It can do helix, rocket and circle and yes it is not just locking your initial position it is actually tracking you during the quick shot.

30-minute battery life on a palm-sized wrong is actually amazing. Do you remember the others? Breeze 4k flew for 12 minutes, hover flew for 10 minutes, Dhabi flew for 8 minutes, Spark flew for 16 minutes. Now I know what you’re saying, you’re saying hey they’re good-looking those are flight times under perfect conditions. Yes you’re right and when you take it out to fly in real life it’s usually more than half of what they’re claiming but with this personally I was able to fly for 23 minutes which is a really long time.

The longer flight time gives you time to prepare time, to adjust, to discover. A drone with a short flight time is actually a nightmare because you can fly out there but you gotta come back constantly.

The range is 4 kilometers which is 2.5 miles sadly though it is not ultra sync, it is Wi-Fi. It shoots 2.7 K 30 frames per second 40 megabits per second video. Highest frame rate is in 1080p it’s 1080p 60. All these specs are better than DJI spark and the 3 axis gimbal is way more forgiving than the 2 axis gimbal.

When it comes to design even though it is small because of its Mavic 2 looks it has a nice attitude. It looks cute and mean at the same time.

How about the controller? The control is very simple – actually if I may say so it is too simple we have the on and off button, return home button, video photo button and then the camera tilt dial of course joysticks that are removable and that’s all but luckily unlike spark you can connect your phone via a cable.


Top Features of DJI Mavic Mini

  • Price
  • Weight
  • Flight Time
  • Quality
  • Distance
  • Resolutions
  • Application
  • Transmission
  • Flight Modes
  • Quick Shots
  • Vision Positioning
  • Memory
  • Remote Control
  • Props

Conclusion: DJI Mavic Mini Black Friday Deals 2021

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