DJI Mavic Mini Drone Review

dji mavic mini drone review

The DJI Mavic Mini Drone is one of the best drones you can buy.

DJI Mavic Mini Drone Review – Everything You Need to Know About DJI Mini Drone

There are a lot of great features that make this drone stand out from its competition. It’s got a 4K camera, it’s small enough to fit in your hand, and it folds down to the size of a water bottle when you aren’t using it which makes traveling with this drone easy. You can also connect your controller up to an Apple or Android phone so there is no need for any additional equipment besides your phone. The only downside I would say about this product is that at $399 dollars it isn’t cheap but if you are looking for something high-end then you probably already know that this drone is one of the best ones currently on the market.

Let’s take a closer look at this product. We will start with an overview of the different specs and features, then we can dive into our Pros & Cons section where we will quickly cover everything you need to know about this DJI Mavic Mini Drone. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Features Of DJI Mavic Mini Drone:


Packed with 30 minutes of flying time, the DJI Mavic Mini is going to bring a smile to your face. When you are done flying for the day, it folds up to fit into a small bag. You can get as many as 21 minutes with active D-rout mode and 27 Minutes in normal flight mode.


Some of the cool stats that come out of this drone include: It’s overall size is 11.4 inches by 8.7 inches by 7.4 inches and it weighs under a pound (0.6lbs). The span of its rotor blades are 16cm or 6 inces and the maximum range it will fly is 3km (1.8 miles) without any obstacles getting in the way, you can still use this drone at a range of 2km (1.25 miles).


We consider the DJI Mavic to be one of the safest drones around because when you are flying it close to other people, it will automatically stop and hover. Its built-in sensors will work with your controller to follow you around or to follow a specific object that you choose. It will also hover in place when you let go of the controls so it won’t crash into something while you are using your camera.


The DJI Mavic is built to last; the propellers and motors are reinforced to keep them from breaking in tough weather conditions. This drone is strong enough to be taken out in heavy rain or snow and still work as good as the day you took it out of the box. The camera shutter can be opened and closed at a fast pace, giving you sharp images even when there is wind coming towards the lens.


The DJI Mavic works best with a smart device. When you open the camera up on your phone it will automatically start recording video and take pictures of everything in front of it, no matter where it is. You can also control the direction that you want to fly it from your cell phone or tablet.

If you plan on connecting to a tablet the drone is equipped with low energy Bluetooth that will let your controller know that it’s connected to your phone or tablet. The remote control has a range of over 300 meters when there are no obstacles in its way.

It comes with four different sensors including two ultrasonic sonars, an optical flow sensor, and a camera. There are also LEDs on the bottom that will let everyone around you know when it’s flying or if its standing still in one place.

The drone itself is equipped with dual band GPS system for precise positioning while filming high quality images at 4K 30 fps video recording. The flight controller has an intuitive interface with an LCD screen.

There are also three flight modes that you can use: Intelligent, D-rout and Sport mode. When flying in intelligent mode the drone will fly at a slow speed and won’t create any vibrations or shocks when it hits something. The D-Rout mode is set to automatically follow your GPS route while flying in Sport Mode the drone will be able to fly fast and wind through tight spaces.


dji mavic mini drone camera


The camera on the DJI Mavic works with 12 megapixel camera sensors and it will be able to take pictures at resolutions up to 4896 x 3264 pixels. The sensor is smaller than other drones in this class, which makes it easy for you to get stable aerial footage no matter where you are.

One of the best things about the camera is that it will allow you to take 12 megapixel pictures and immediately start recording 4K HD video footage. You can capture high-quality still images while filming video at 30 frames per second, giving you a great view of everything around you.

The camera works best when there is little light available to it; this way the aperture can open up and let in more light, which will help you to get crisp images. The lens can also close down depending on how much light is around it; this helps the camera to stay steady even when the sun or other lighting conditions start to change.

Range of the drone

The DJI Mavic can be taken up to speeds of 35 mph (57 kph) when flying. The range that you have will depend on where you are when you take off or how far away you plan to fly it for the first time. As long as there is no interference this drone can get up to 2 kilometers away from you before you need to worry about losing a signal.

Flying Experience

dji mavic mini drone size

There are four different modes with the DJI Mavic; they include fixed-wing, GPS positioning, indoor flying and manual. The first two modes will allow you to tell it where to go while manual mode will let the drone fly wherever your hand is moving the throttle stick.

With a top speed above 35 mph (57 kph) this drone is able to get where you want it to go faster than most other drones.

If you are not sure how well the DJI Mavic can fly, there are three different flight modes that will help you to find out easily. You can launch in normal mode and then move up through GPS positioning or if you know what obstacles are ahead you can go through indoor flying mode. The last one is manual flight, which will give you total control over the drone and let you figure out how to use it on your own.

It’s easy to get started with this drone because there are two different modes that are available for beginners; they include assisted takeoff and landing.

In assisted takeoff mode the drone will lift off the ground and then hover in place until you are ready to move up or fly around. You can also use this method for landing if you want it to be as smooth as possible; there is even a visual indicator telling you when it’s safe to let go of the controls and land it .

Assisted Takeoff and Landing

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If you want to be able to get the best out of your aerial footage, there are a few things that you can do before taking off. To help you avoid losing control over the drone, it’s best for you to learn how to pilot it in open spaces with no interference or other objects around. The best choice for you is wide open spaces where there are no other pilots flying around and no obstacles in front of the drone.

If you want to go from a high altitude down to the ground, it’s best for you to do this in stages; start by lowering the altitude by one meter at a time until you get down to the desired altitude.

You can do this by pressing the altitude button and then using the controller like a joystick or you can just use your smartphone while connected to it via Wi-Fi if you want to take a picture.

Before you start flying, make sure that the battery is fully charged. Doing this will give you at least 20 to 25 minutes of flight time before you need to recharge it; you can also fly for up to 27 minutes if you turn the camera off and put safety features on hold.

If you want to keep up with how long your battery is going, there is a feature that will show the remaining battery power in real-time so that you know when to land it.

There are extra propellers and landing gear if you need it that come with your purchase; these are useful in the event of an accident or for other purposes when necessary .

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What Do We Like?

There are many things that made us fell in love with this drone . We love the compact design and how it can fold up to take less space in our bag or luggage. Also, it is very beginner-friendly and comes with two different modes for those who have never flown one before.

We like that this drone has a control range of over 2 kilometers so that you will not lose sight of it while flying. It also has a fantastic flight range that can go at least 500 meters away from you before it needs to refuel.

The main reason why we love this drone is its picture and video quality, which are both top-notch . The images look a lot more clear than they do on other drones in the same price range and the video qualities are also a lot better than on other drones. It is easy to keep the drone stable and steady while recording videos and taking images; this is due to its GPS system that keeps it from moving around too much while you are flying it.

The obstacle avoidance feature is a great safety feature that will keep you from crashing the drone into anything. We love that you get a lot of accessories with it so that you will already have what you need to fly the drone. We love how this drone is only $400 and comes with everything that you need to start flying, especially if you are new at doing so.

What Do We NOT Like?

The only thing that we do not like about this drone is that it is not easy to carry around at all. The shell can sometimes be too much weight for you to manage, especially if you are going on a long hike and other activities .

The last thing that we do not like about this drone is the app. Although it works well enough as a remote control for your device when connected, it does not work as a screen for videos and photographs you take with your drone.

  • Great 4K Video Quality
  • Portable and Compact
  • Good GPS System
  • 30-Minute Flight Time Per Battery
  • Hexacopter Design For Better Stability While In Flight
  • Easy To Fly
  • Needs Extra Equipment to Carry Out Activities
  • App Is Not That Easy to Use
  • Camera Is A Bit Slow To Start Recording Video Due To Processing Time

What’s In The Box?

dji mavic mini drone accessories

In the box, you will find the remote control, four high-capacity batteries that can each last up to 20 minutes of flying time before needing to be recharged, a charger, propeller protectors, two spare propellers, landing legs and a plastic carrying case.

What Are People Saying About It?

The DJI Mavic Mini Drone is nearly perfect for what it was designed to do. A lot of people said that it has phenomenal picture quality with 4K video recording capabilities. This is good enough to make you feel like you are right in the action even when you are just watching.

People also said that the obstacle avoidance feature is a great safety feature for those who are new at flying drones. This is because it will keep you from crashing into anything while you are in flight.

What’s Our Overall Review?

The DJI Mavic Mini Drone has been getting fantastic reviews on most of the sites we have seen it on. Most people love this drone because it is compact and portable enough to take with you on a hike or other activities without taking too much space in your bag or luggage . It also has good picture quality, which makes it more stable than many other drone products out there.

We highly recommend this product for those looking for a portable drone with great picture and video quality. It is only $400 which is reasonable compared to other drones in the same price range. Best of all, it comes with everything you need to fly so that even beginners will be able to get up in the air and start taking pictures and videos .

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