What is Headless mode? Headless Mode Drones 2021

Headless Mode Drones 2021: Drones have always been fascinating to every RC toys drone fan and people who love flying gadgets. Year by year new technology develops and the way drones operate and fly changes leaving their pilots awestruck every time. There’s absolutely not any argument that understanding your quadcopter works can save loads of your time and effort required to operate it. 1 feature that comes into debates when speaking about quadcopter drones is the Headless Mode that is omnipresent.
Headless mode is another astonishing feature included in the latest drones which makes flying drones easier for everyone. If you are wondering what is this Headless mode then do give this article a complete read as we are not only going to discuss everything about this feature but also give you best Headless mode drones under $50.

So without any further adieu let’s directly dive into our topic of Headless mode drone function.

>>>>  What is Headless Mode?  <<<<

If you have just started flying drones or are a complete newbie to quadcopters and drones then there is a huge possibility that you would have not heard of this term. But you are someone who has experience of flying drones then this is already known to you. Let us explain to you the meaning of this term in the simplest way possible.

Headless mode A.K.A Carefree mode, the Handless mode is a function in the drones to control its movements. Using this Headless mode function the drone movements are synchronized to the movement of the control stick regardless of the orientation of the drone.

Normally when you fly a drone then the control stick moves the drone in the direction based on the front of the drone. But it becomes very difficult for the new pilots in order to understand which is the front and the back part of the drone. There are several measures taken to ease that by coloring the back of the drone with the dark color and the front with light colors and sometimes the front parts even have LED in them. But after the drone takes off then it becomes difficult for the new pilots to see which is front and back of the drone and they get confused and one wrong move on the controller and the drone goes the wrong way causing an accident to occur. Such accidents can cause damage not only to your drone but also to surrounding things around it.

Hence to make flying quadcopters easy for the newly started pilots this feature is introduced. Once you gain experience and proper control over your drone then you can disable this mode and fly the drones normally. Many pilots and drone photographers prefer the usage of the handless mode in their drones as it makes their work easier and they can focus more on their work rather focusing on the controls of the drone.

>>>>  Are there any limitations to Headless mode?  <<<<

On one hand, headless mode gives you great benefits in terms of flying the drone seamlessly while on the other hand headless mode has few cons as well. As you already know that headless drones work with the help of the technology using a magnetometer, this magnetometer experiences fluctuations while navigating if passed near to power lines and other areas with the strong electromagnetic field.

Another drawback of using magnetometer is that you don’t get access to the First-person perspective view which is also known as FPP. Hence please use these headless drones only if you are at a beginner stage and once you gain control and experience then move on with the non-headless mode.

     >>>>  Working of Headless mode – Activation  <<<<

You can activate the headless mode on your drone by keeping it on the ground and make sure that its front is also your front and then activate the headless mode by ready the instruction to go through your manual. In a few drones, the headless mode button is on the controller in few it’s on the drone. Hence according to your manual guide follow the procedure.

Once the mode is activated then the real magic happens. Your drone consists of a microcontroller which then keeps running algorithmic changes in order to compensate any directional changes caused between the controller and the drone.

Best Headless Drones (Above 50$) – Quick List

Headless Drones Model 2021
Force1 Drones with Camera for Adults and Kids Check Price & Review
DBPOWER Predator U842 WIFI RC Quadcopter Drone Check Price & Review
Holy Stone F181W WiFi FPV Drone with 720P Wide-Angle HD Camera Live Video RC Quadcopter Check Price & Review
Potensic U36WH Drone With Camera, RC Quadcopter With Carrying Case 720P HD WiFi Live Video Check Price & Review
ElementDigital MJX Bugs 5W GPS Drone App Operation iOS Android 1080P 5G WiFi Camera Record Video Check Price & Review
Altair #AA108 Camera Drone, RC Quadcopter w/ 720p HD FPV Check Price & Review
Syma X8SW Wi-Fi FPV Drone with 720P HD Camera Check Price & Review
DEERC HS200D Drone with FPV Camera for Beginners Adults and Kids 720P HD Check Price & Review

Top Headless Mode Quadcopters under $50 in 2021

As by now you would have made your choice to either go or not go with the headless mode drones. Hence here we list you the best and affordable quadcopters under $50. You can go ahead and read the reviews and features of the below-mentioned drones and make the purchase using the purchase button below.

1. F36 Mini RC Drone

This mini headless quadcopter is one the cheapest on this list today. This can be an amazing Christmas of New Year gift this season to any new drone pilot. F36 RC Drone is a 2.4 GHz wireless remote controlled UAV drone with 4 channels to choose. And you can control a craft from a maximum distance of 30m.


  • Flytime of about 5-6 minutes without any pause can be achieved with this drone.
  • Wireless 2.4 GHz RC controller.
  • One complete charge takes up to 40-50 minutes and then you can take your drone for another round.
  • You can an included battery with a capacity of 150mAh of 3.7V.
  • You can perform various stunts and actions using this drone with the headless mode.

2. GoolRC T32 RC Drone

This drone is much better in terms of quality and stability. Hence this could be a great choice for people who are ready to spend a bit more than on F36 Mini RD drone. The best things about this drone are that it comes with an inbuilt camera of 720p resolution which allows you to shoot from a certain height and give you the best camera angles. The headless mode comes as an addon to all of this and makes this a perfect drone for any experienced person.

All of this for just a little amount. Moreover, this has a foldable design and allows it to squeeze into tiny places and fly seamlessly.


  • Inbuilt real-time camera with 720P resolution.
  • Headless mode to easily navigate your drone.
  • Foldable drone structure in order to make it pass through tiny spaces as well.
  • 6 axis gyroscopic flying control system.
  • Cordless motor with 2.4 GHz mode Wireless radio controller through which you can fly your drone to the 70-100m distance from the remote.
  • You get the fly time of 6-8min in this drone.
  • The battery capacity of 3.7V with 850mAh LiPo battery.
  • You get to perform all the 3D flips at any speed mode.

3. Metakoo D1 RC Drone

Metakoo drone comes with a premium-looking finish to its drone. You won’t believe the price of this RC drone when you see this quadcopter as it looks like a premium drone with a lot of exciting features embedded into it. This drone comes with a special key which enables the take-off or landing using a single push to the button.


  • Metakoo D1 RC Drone comes with the inbuilt headless mode which can be enabled and disabled easily.
  • Detachable camera drone with the 720P resolution for HD video recording and image capturing with amazing camera angles controlled by the RC controller.
  • This also has the 6-axis with 4 channel technology which provides this drone a stable flight throughout without any turbulence effect.
  • One key controller to take-off and landing.
  • The flight time when completely charged is around 12-15 mins.
  • You can control this drone from a maximum distance of 100m.

4. Holy Stone HS170G Drone

This is one of the highly rated and widely used drones in our list today. This drone also comes in with the headless mode design with foldable arms so to pass it through tiny places. The best part of this drone is that it has the Altitude holding ability due to which it can stay at the same height even when you release your controller stick.


  • Includes headless mode with 6 Axis gyro technologies that provide you with more stability and easy navigation.
  • You can perform any sort of stunts using this drone.
  • Consist of an emergency stop button using which you can stop your drone at any emergency or accident situation.
  • You don’t need to assemble this drone when it comes to you. This is already assembled and ready to fly. So no waiting.
  • You can fly this drone for 6-8minutes without any pause and take it to 50m in distance from the controller.

Hence there is no doubt that headless mode function is a kind of blessing to all the drone lovers and it allows them to take their drones out for around fearlessly.  Do not forget that you get to decide whether to enable or disable the headless mode whenever you want. Above you have seen top 5 Headless drones under 50 USD. Now, Here’s a shortlist of a headless drone above 50 bucks with more advanced specs and flying experience.

Let us know your experience with this headless mode function of the domain. If you have used any other quadcopter which is not mentioned here. You can comment it down, we will review it and add in our list of best headless quadcopters here.



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