Best Follow Me Drones: Review & Buying Guide

In this post, we check out the best follow me drones. These are the drones that can follow you without the need to be piloted by you.

Drones are the future of remote-controlled aerial vehicles. They have grown from being hobbyist toys to versatile and highly effective devices.

Today, there are powerful drones which can be used for purposes such as surveillance, aerial acrobatics, photography and video recording.

Journalists, explorers, movie producers, and extreme sports enthusiasts heavily employ drones to record activities from a bird’s-eye view. They specifically prefer to follow me drones for this purpose.

These flying robots are set to automatically follow a specific target and capture footage or take photos. This results in awesome, target-oriented recordings and snapshots. To get the best performance in follow me mode, you should invest in the highest quality drones.

Follow Me Drones will record everything thing you do, such as; surfing, hiking, skateboarding, skiing, running, snowboarding, biking, and so much more. The follow-me drones are the best for the above activities, and you will get to find out more in this article.

List of  Best Follow Me Drones: Reviews

Best Follow Me Drones 2021 List

3DR Solo Follow Me Drone Check Price
DJI Spark Follow Me Drone Check Price
Mavic Pro Quadcopter Follow Me Drone Check Price
Phantom 4 Pro Follow Me Drone Check Price
Yuneec Typhoon Hexacopter Follow Me Drone Check Price

Here are the best of the best follow me drones 2021.

3DR Solo Follow Me Drone

This is one of the most effective and best follow me drones 2021 in the market.

It is very popular due to its affordable cost.

The 3DR Solo follow me drone presents high-quality features at a price that won’t break your bank.

Formerly the flagship model of 3D Robotics, this drone no longer holds that position for the brand. After shifting a level down in their line of drones, the model went from costing $700 to $300.

This was a major price drop without any reduction in product quality. As such, it is one of the best quality drones at this price level.

The 3DR Solo has robust construction and the capability to utilize multiple satellites so as to lock on your GPS position. This results in accurate follow me action wherever you go.

In addition to that, you can set it to fly using multiple flight modes. This comes in handy when you want the drone to take a variety of shots during its flight time.

This drone can be controlled using a dedicated application which you can download into your smartphone or tablet.

After installation, the 3DR Solo is easy to configure into Follow Me mode. Here are some of the features that make it an outstanding drone.

Features of 3DR Solo Follow Me Drone

The 3DR Solo has various flight modes.

They include GPS, Orbit, Follow Me, Selfie and Cable Camera modes. You can shift from one to the next during flight so as to capture dynamic footage or still shots.

Also, it can fly at high speeds of 55mph which dwarf many of the competitor models in its price-tier.

Moreover, the drone can spend up to 22 minutes in the air on a full charge and fly for up to 800 meters.

Its flight time makes the drone ideal for capturing follow me footage or photography.

The 3DR Solo is very responsive as you fly it. This is because the drone utilizes 2 microprocessors that make it an exceptionally smart device.

Possibly its best feature is that this drone can be used with the 4th and 5th models of the GoPro Hero camera.

  • It has a long flight time of 22 minutes on one charge
  • This drone can fly for up to 800 meters
  • It utilizes multiple satellites simultaneously for accurate GPS locking
  • The 3DR Solo achieves high speeds of 55mph
  • It has 2 microprocessors
  • It is affordable
  • You have to buy the 3-axis gimbal separately

DJI Spark Follow Me Drone

Ever since this drone was released, it has received critical acclaim from enthusiasts, technology buffs, extreme sports fans, and drone designers.

The DJI Spark is a small, compact drone which delivers excellent performance for its size. It weighs only 300 grams and measures 14.3cm by 14.3cm by 5cm in size.

Furthermore, it is blazingly fast.

This little drone can reach speeds of 6.7mph. Hence, it can effectively keep up with targets which are moving at high velocity. By doing so, the DJI Spark is the preferred choice by fans of extreme sports looking to record their exploits.

Often referred to as a pocket drone, it has specifications which would put much bigger drones to shame. For example, you can manipulate it using an application or a dedicated controller.

This gives you the freedom of choice in terms of navigating the drone.

Furthermore, despite its small size, the drone does not compromise on snapshot and footage quality. Users can also enjoy toggling between a variety of smart features delivered by its manufacturer.


Features of DJI Spark Follow Me Drone

The DJI Spark drone is quite small in size. As such, it is light and easy to carry around.

While using the application to control it, you can get a maximum range of 200 meters. However, if you utilize the dedicated controller, you have a range of up to 1.9 miles!

This is a marvelous feature that other drones would struggle to achieve. Furthermore, this allows you to fly it at high altitude which can help to avoid obstacles during flight.

This drone can fly for up to 15 minutes on a full charge and has a miniature sized gimbal capable of navigating 2 axes. Its onboard camera can capture snapshots or footage in Full HD.

Quite interestingly, the drone supports gesture control. This means that you can fly it by simply moving your hands in the air. By relying on special motion sensors, it can recognize the movement of your hands and respond accordingly.

Last but not least, its capability can be adjusted readily using the various features built into it by the manufacturer. Examples of some of these include Palm launch and face recognition.

  • It has a range of 1.9 miles.
  • Its compact size and lightweight
  • DJI Spark can be controlled with a smartphone or special controller
  • It has a 2-axis gimbal that guarantees constant camera stability
  • The onboard camera takes pictures and footage in high definition
  • It provides access to proprietary settings
  • It responds to gesture control
  • Its flight time is only 15 minutes

Mavic Pro Quadcopter Follow Me Drone

Designed with 4 rotors, this drone is capable of providing excellent follow me capability.

The Mavic Pro Quadcopter is small in size yet has multiple built-in features which ensure that it can be successfully utilized in various settings and environments.

Furthermore, the little drone manages to impress due to its features. Not only does it capture very high-quality snapshots and footage, but its range is also mind-blowing.

In addition to that, its controls are easy to learn and manipulate. The drone has multiple follow me modes such as Trace, Profile and TapFly.

Furthermore, a collection of sensors allow the drone to avoid collisions with obstacles and maximize hovering capability.

Features of Mavic Pro Quadcopter Follow Me Drone

This drone weighs only 743 grams and can achieve high speeds of 65mph. By achieving this weigh to speed ratio, the drone shows efficient construction.

Furthermore, the Mavic Pro Quadcopter has an onboard camera which is capable of capturing 4K photos and footage. In addition to that, it has a range of up to 4.3 miles.

This effectively allows you to capture extreme wide angle footage or fly the drone at very high altitudes.

To give you complete control over the unit during flight, the drone has 4 vision sensors.

It can also actively avoid obstacles in its path of flight. This is thanks to a combination of sensors and onboard precision made possible by multiple satellite compatibility. This navigation mechanism can work both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to that, it ensures that the device can hover and move in any direction you desire.

Overall, this quadcopter has one of the most high-tech flight control mechanisms available today.

  • Compact size
  • It can fly at high speeds
  • This drone’s camera can capture 4K quality footage
  • The drone has a very long range
  • Precision vision sensors allow for accurate navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • It can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet application
  • You have to pay a high price for it.

Phantom 4 Pro Follow Me Drone

This is one of the highest performance drones available today.

Capable of excellent stabilization, the Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter is versatile and effective at the same time. It makes use of proprietary technology to spot and follow you.

In addition to that, it employs a collection of flight control modes which allow you to creatively manipulate its flight patterns.

Its camera also has a high capability. To ensure top results while taking photos or shooting footage during flight, this quadcopter has collision avoidance technology.

Thanks to its collection of features, this drone is very versatile. It can be used for surveying, cinematography on a professional level, photography and capturing footage for marketing purposes.

Features of Phantom 4 Pro Follow Me Drone

The Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter uses ActiveTrack technology so as to lock on your GPS position and follow you accurately. Thanks to an effective gimbal, this drone stays stable throughout its flight time.

You can capture crisp, clear photos and footage with it thanks to an onboard 4K camera.

Whenever you fly this drone, it can steer clear of obstacles thanks to an automatic collision avoidance system. As such, it can fly right around obstacles or come to a stop if there is no room for navigation.

In addition to that, the drone has some built-in flight modes such as Terrain Follow and TapFly which make piloting it easier.

The Phantom 4 Pro drone provides excellent value for money because it is available for purchase in a bundle.

  • This drone has effective stabilization technology
  • It has a 4K camera
  • The drone has built-in collision avoidance technology
  • Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter has built-in automatic flight modes
  • It is affordable and comes in a value pack
  • It cannot exceed 70% of the gimbal’s settings.

Yuneec Typhoon Hexacopter Follow Me Drone

This is one of the best follow me drones in the market today. The Yuneec Typhoon Hexacopter is not only effective, it provides a professional drone experience at an affordable price.

Firstly, it has 6 rotors which provide you with maximized maneuverability. Furthermore, the unit has a failsafe mechanism that utilizes multiple rotors at the same time.

For easier piloting, the drone has multiple flight control modes. To keep it safe from obstacles and crashes, the drone also has automatically deployed protective systems. Its camera provides sharp, clear pictures and video footage.

As a result, you can rely on this drone for specialized aerial image and video capture for surveillance, surveying, selfies and film footage capture.

Features of Yuneec Typhoon Hexacopter Follow Me Drone

The Yuneec Typhoon Hexacopter is packed full of exceptional features.

First and foremost, the drone has a total of 6 rotors. These allow you to enjoy multiple axes of flight.  In case of a malfunction, it has a 5-rotor failsafe.

The take-off and landing features are automatically performed by the drone. In addition to that, the unit can land autonomously in case the battery gets too depleted to maintain flight.

Fitted with a 4K camera, the drone is able to capture UHD video and pictures.

With a 12 megapixel sensor and 98 degree viewing field, it is also capable of providing extremely wide angle pictures and video. There is a total of 8 different, built-in flight modes in this drone.

As such, you can focus on taking excellent shots as the drone hovers or flies around a target. The unit comes with a controller unit that’s fitted with a 7-inch touchscreen. With dedicated buttons and a flight time of 25 minutes, the Yuneec Typhoon Hexacopter is the at the top of the best follow me drones that money can buy.

  • Multiple rotor system with a built-in failsafe
  • Automatic take-off and landing features
  • High capability camera with a wide field of view
  • Effective and versatile touchscreen controller
  • Long flight time of 25 minutes on a full charge
  • Range of just 150 feet

Conclusion: Best Follow Me Drones 2021

Drones have taken journalism, photography and film recording to a much higher level. Thanks to their excellent maneuverability and powerful cameras, these flying robots have revolutionized the way we capture footage from the air.

The models indicated above are the best follow me drones 2021. They are fitted with equipment, software and controller options which ensure that you have full control of the drone.

Some of th9em even allow you to control the camera independently as the drone flies. This gives you unparalleled freedom of flight. They have been used to capture breathtaking photos and sweeping footage of previously unreachable terrain.

Overall, each of the best follow me drones listed here can deliver an exceptional follow me footage experience.

Follow Me Drones: Buying Drone

  • How do follow me drones work?

Drones that follow you can independently follow an objective, without being steered. At present, two primary advances are utilized in the follow me highlight, most regularly found in quadcopter drones, and they work in various approaches to enable drones to follow questions independently and precisely.

  • What attitude can this drone follow me?

When it comes to the follow-me mode, most groups drift at a fixed stature, and this tallness won’t contrast regardless of the contrasts of the item they follow. A couple of drones are pre-stacked with something known as Terrain Follow. This component makes the aircraft change its stature as it seeks after its subject.

  • How good are follow me drones?

When you must have selected the follow me mode, you will then follow the UAV target, and you don’t need to utilize the control input. That way, you can focus on innovative video and photograph elements without stressing over flight adjustment. The other favorable position of a drone that follows you is the extravagance of the recording when you catch it from above. While following you from above, everything all of a sudden comes to life from long-distance race steps, bounces, to granulating over the snag.

The Follow Me innovation programs the quadcopter to follow you naturally so you can have whatever number recording open doors as could be allowed. Catching fabulous selfies with your companions and grand areas couldn’t be simpler. You have presumably observed sportspeople like mountain dwellers and cyclists utilizing Follow Me drones to shoot from different edges. Their definitive objective is to improve their strategies.

Final Verdict

In summary, these are my top picks on the best follow me camera drones in the market right now. They are highly rated drones with different features that make the drone very intelligent. Enjoy your moment and make plenty of explicit videos with follow me drones. With the help of this article, you now know the best follow me camera drone to purchase in the market. So when next you want to shop for this type of drone, you will make the right choice. For a unique and tremendous flying experience, get the best follow me a drone, and start creating beautiful memories.

Some More Follow Me Drones


1. DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom 4 is among the best follow me drones and also has a good follow me features with a high-quality camera. You are going to get a top-quality camera drone, a durable drone with heaps of features, besides an ideal battery for longer video and photography shoots. Just tap on the display button, and you will see the drone follow you.

The drone can skip back or move out from the route if an impediment gets into its path. It encourages you to center your focus just around recording as the drone glides on its own. The drone camera is impressive; it is a preferred model for a lot of companies in photography and filming drone.


 Camera 4k HD video at 30fps

 Three-axis gimbal

 Flight time 28 minutes

 Maximum speed 20 m/s

 Weight 1380 grams

Control range 5000 m

2. Walkera Voyager 3

The Walkera Voyager 3 has an exceptionally equipped camera that can capture good and quality videos. With the help of the modular design, the drone can move in different directions and very useful for making professional filming. The Voyager 3 has an incredible set of valuable and powerful features such as; one critical takeoff, GPS, one key landing, one key return, GLONASS Dual-Navigation System, and the most significant Following Mode. This drone is one of the heaviest drones available. This drone is also normal in size and very good as follow me drone.


 Camera 4k 1080p with gimbal

 Flight time 18 minutes

 Weight 2935 grams

 Battery 6000mAh

3. DJI Phantom 3

The DJI Phantom 3 drone provides the best quality to follow me drone with a camera, and it delivers excellent performance. This drone tracks and follows its subject and produces a superior quality camera. The Phantom 3 provides footage that is very clear and professional. This drone is user-friendly and very easy for beginners to operate. The Phantom 3 drones were the first ones to have a descending confronting sensor. This drone enabled the drone to stay set up even with the loss of the GPS signal. The Phantom 3 the first Phantom series that was updated to be able to work with the GLONASS framework.


 Weight 1216 grams

 Maximum flight time 25 minutes

 Maximum speed 16m/s

Camera 4k video recording

4. Hubsan H501S (Brushless)

Hubsan 501S Brushless drone design is powerful and very sturdy, with amazing appearance. The perfect drone propeller makes sure you get a smooth flight. With this drone, you can go for running, hiking, and your drone will get good 4k HD footage drone. Hubsan H105S X4 is extraordinary compared to other drone units with sensible value go. It is essentially the best bundle with every single propelled highlight remembering worked for GPS. Regardless of whether you are a fledgling then you will discover this drone a decent starter.


 Flight time 30 minutes

 Camera 4k HD 1080p

 Weight 3.5 pounds

4.3 LCD and FPV remote controller 5.8 real-time video transmission

5. AirDog

AirDog drone has a follow-me feature, and it can follow you everywhere up and down altitude.AirDog is excellent when you are snowboarding, skating, or any other sports you want to do down the hill. To my knowledge, this drone can follow down in altitude. It is perfect for surfing, water skiing, and so many more because it has a waterproof control. This drive is slightly expensive, but it is worth it. This AirDog drone can be foldable to a tiny piece, and this can be an advantage over other drones in the market.


 Weight 1980 grams

 Maximum speed 68m/s

 Flight time 18 minutes

Operation range about 250 meters


Holystone HS 100 is an advancement in the drone class of the Holy Stone fleet.  The drone is much bigger than the other two. HS 100 is a GPS capability, and this feature allows the drone to hold steady as it eliminates the problem of the drone drifting away in windy conditions. Also, this drone feature allows the pilot to focus more on taking pictures rather than on trying to control the flight of the drone.

The drone has a motorized camera and is capable of moving up and down. The transmitter controls this action. The drone’s position can be adjusted continuously by the GPS feature, so the fixed position camera mount cause much movement on videos. To fly the drone at such distances, you will need the viewer screen on your smartphone because if you want to try, you will not see it let alone know its direction it’s going.

It makes the need for a good Wifi connection, which is a feature of the drone and the return to home feature. When the drone is at these extreme distances, you need to press the return to the home button. The drone will now fly back to the point where it took off and land automatically by itself. And when the drone begins to run out of power, the same thing occurs. With the drone excellent follow me features and controller systems, the risk of loss is significantly reduced. I recommend this drone to whoever wants to purchase it.


 Weight with battery 700g

 Camera 4k 1080p

 Battery 2500mAh

 Battery charging time 3-6 hour

 Flight time 12-15 minutes

Streaming range 500m

7. Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

The Yuneec Typhoon H is among the best cheap follow me camera drones, and it has about six rotors (hexacopter), which can deliver a reliable lift. For a 360can field view, the landing gear of the drone folds down. With this, the Yuneec Typhoon H is convenient when it comes to getting shots at complicated positions and also offering your camera unobstructed eyeshot. This drone has a wizard remote and eight various smart flight modes.

Typhoon H drone offers fantastic options whereby one person controls the camera, and the other handles the drone. This drone is brilliant; it doesn’t only follow you but also allows you to choose how you want it to track you. This typhoon drone can maneuver around any obstacles and gets back to its flight.


 Camera HD 4k at 60 fps

 Maximum flight time 30 minutes

 Maximum altitude 499m

 Flight battery capacity 5250mAh

Weight 12 pounds

8. DJI Mavic Pro (Platinum)

This DJI Mavic pro platinum drone is one of the best follows me camera drone with a brilliant case to carry it. This drone is foldable and offers fantastic aerial photography and videography. This drone has an active track that follows its subject and also makes circles around it’s subject to take the perfect jaw-dropping videos. This drone is also good for beginners because it is easy to get acquainted with all the features. The DJI Mavic platinum has an extended control range, and it uses a GPS positioning system.


 Weight 744g

 Battery 3830 mAh

 Control range 7km

 Maximum flight time 30 minutes

 Three-axis gimbal

Camera 4k HD

9. 3DR Solo

3DR Solo drone is, of no doubt, one of the smartest follows me drone in the market. This drone has a high rate of performance and also intriguing features for those using follow me drones. The drone amazing intuitive controls are perfect for beginners. The 3DR Solo is speedy and smart, making it one of the cheapest drones to follow me camera drone. The drone also has good flying rigs and among the most affordable, follow me camera drones. 3DR offers flight access and providing you with various opportunities when you are flying. This drone is lightweight and suitable for running and hiking.


 Weight 1500 grams

 Maximum speed in air 89 km/h

 Flight time 25 minutes

 Payload 420 grams

 Maximum ascend speed 10 meters per second

10. Autel Robotics’ EVO

AutelRoboticsEVO is a quadcopter with the best camera for incredible visual recognition when on follow me mode. The tracking system on the drone is dynamic, and it doesn’t lose focus when onto its target. This drone is portable and also comes with a great camera. The EVO is smart and intelligent; it has a down-facing avoidance sensor and a forward rear. The way this drone avoid obstacles is fantastic and unique.

This drone camera doesn’t have any writing of no-fly zone restrictions. The EVO is very good with experienced pilots, but if you are a beginner, you will encounter a lot of issues. This drone is amazing, with special features for its users.


 Weight 862 grams

 Battery 4300 mAh

 Control range 6.9 km

 Maximum flight time 30 minutes

 Camera 4k HD 12MP

 Maximum speed 45mph

11. DJI Spark

DJI Spark drone is fun and straightforward; follow me a camera drone that anybody can appreciate. The DJI spark is a little drone that can fit and comfortably lifts off from the palm of your hand. The DJI Spark drone is littler than the other drone copters that you see in the market, and it is about the size of a soft drink can. The drone can shoot video in HD and comes with a 2-pivot stabilizer on the camera.

One of the most vital features of the Spark is that it is signal controlled when it is in flight mode, which means you can control your drone when it is noticeable all around with the movement of your hands or fingers. For instance, you can flag the drone to snap a photo of you from above. What’s more, you can wave at the drone, and it will fly 10 feet from you.


12-megapixel camera

HD video recording 1080p

Flight time 16 minutes

Flight speed 50 km/hr

Control distance 2km

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