Top 5 Best Drone GPS Tracker 2021 Reviews

It’s no secret that drones are very expensive and losing one could suck a drone owner into a wormhole of despair and loses. A lot of time is spent and invested in finding the right drone, buying it, customizing the drone to fit your needs and also time is taken to master flying that specific drone. But what happens when you lose it? You have to start from scratch. This is why manufacturers have brought a solution to this problem by introducing the best drone GPS tracker.

Best Drone GPS Tracker 2021 List

Name Price
Marco Polo Drone GPS Tracker Check Price
Trackimo Drone GPS Tracker Check Price
FindtheDrone GPS Tracker Check Price
Americaloc GL300W GPS Tracker Check Price
Marco Polo Advanced RC Recovery System Check Price

How do drones get lost?

Contrary to may believes carelessness is not the factor contributing to loosing of drones. In the USA alone 64% of all drones bought either crash or owners lose them and mostly it is because of technical problems. Here are more factors that contribute to losing a drone:

  • Loosing connection between the drone and the controller
  • Battery dying while flying a drone
  • Interference between connections due to many reasons including storms
  • Faulty GPS

These are just a few among many more reasons.

How to avoid losing your drone ?

There is literally no better way to recover your drone after losing it other than installing a drone tracker in your drone. It won’t matter the terrain, weather, surface or vegetation, with a GPS tracker you are guaranteed to recover your drone.

The benefits of a drone tracker are beyond reproach, you will be able to recover data from your drone which otherwise would have been lost and after a few tweaks and repairs, you will be able to fly again.

Best Drone GPS Tracker 2021

Below is an exclusive list of the best GPS Trackers in the market. They have been tested, proved and have the best customer feedback reviews in the entire drone world market.


1. Marco Polo Drone GPS Tracker Review

This is the best drone GPS tracker for sale in 2021. Being a product of Eureka Technologies the GPS tracker proves its performance on attributes of accuracy and dependency. The Marko Polo tracker is independent and self contained coming as a total package. This means it does not require cell of GPS network to effectively locate your drone, which means it can work even in the remotest area on the planet.

It is simple to setup and does not require any specialized skills to install. All is required to attach the tracker on your drone and then press a single button to start searching when your drone is lost.The rechargeable battery gives you enough power to search your lost drone for up to 15 days.

The tracker is super small and weighing at 12g, it means it can easily fit on even the smallest of drones. There is no monthly service cost with this tracker and hence in the long term, it’s very cheap.The last important feature is that the tracker does not interfere with RC radios and only transmits when you activate the search.


2. Trackimo Drone GPS Tracker Review

This is a very popular tracker among many drone lovers due to its simplicity and high-performance levels. The first thing to note is the worldwide coverage feature. The worldwide coverage means you can track your drone via the web or the smartphone app which you are given to install for free.

It’s simplicity in use is remarkable, you only need to open the app and press the SOS button to activate search. The real-time tracking feature allows the tracker to accurately locate the lost drone and in case of movement you will still be able to locate it in real time.As a drone owner you can set limits to your drones or conditions that will trigger alert of location. This condition might be a sudden crash, a certain speed, location change among many more.


3. FindtheDrone GPS Tracker Review

The name of the product clearly tells you that this tracker has been specifically made to cater for the drone tracking services. it incorporates a ready to go system which communicates with a drone instantly. The tracker has also brought forth different tracking options in which you can track using real-time GPS, cell phone, or via text message with google maps.

It also gives you the ability to call your drone and your drone to call you. The app used by findyourdrone is free on Apple store and Play store.

Additional features include, Drone status feedback which includes speed, location, time and tracking.


4. Americaloc GL300W GPS Tracker Review

This is one of the best drone GPS tracker in the market it features a long battery life to allow you track effectively even in remote areas. The drone tracker also alerts you of your drones movement, speed, collision, time and location. The real-time GPS feature will ensure you get real-time updates on the status of your drone and will allow you to act fast in case of any rapid developments. The tracker app can work well on a phone, computer, tablet and can be downloaded from Apple store and Play store.


5. Marco Polo Advanced RC Recovery System

Like its predecessor the Marco Polo ensures nothing but the best customer experience in tracking. It has a long battery life and requires no network to operate. It comes with its own kit of everything needed to effectively track a drone even in the remotest of areas.

It is lightweight weighing at only 1.3 pounds, ensuring it does not interfere with your flight manoeuvrability. It also does not interfere with the drones RC radio since it only transmits when activated.


Conclusion : Best Drone GPS Tracker 2021 Reviews

The above drone GPS trackers are the best in the market and the links provided will allow you to check and if impressed purchase, therefore. All the drones have warranties of at least one year and great after purchase customer services.

A few things to consider before buying would be which type of drone you have, budget allocated or the pricing and last but not least your location and network options around you.

If you are in a more remote area then the Marco polo will be a great GPS drone tracker for you. But if you are in an urban area then you can play around with different trackers and find the one that best suits you.

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