Best Commercial Drone in 2021: Buying Guide

Drones have been growing in popularity as the day goes by since different business owners use this medium to offer and deliver services for their customers. So if you are in the market looking for the best commercial drone to buy then this article on the best commercial drone in 2021 will guide you in getting the best drones amongst others with amazing features that are suitable for Commercial Purposes.

When you want to buy a drone for commercial purpose, try knowing the best models on sale, compare prices, and also consider their advantages and disadvantages.

The List of the Best Commercial Drones

1. Parrot Bebop

The Parrot Bebop Drone is designed in such a way that you can use it as both indoors drone and outdoors drone, it also comes in a variety of colors, and either you want black, blue or red. This drone has an inbuilt camera in the center section of its body, with style and a full HD inbuilt video camera of up to 1080p.

This drone doesn’t come with a separate controller radio unit as it has some responsiveness touch controls. In case your parrot drone is flown indoors, you don’t have to worry because this drone comes with a special removable and attachable hull that protects it from hitting the walls.

Drone Features

The parrot bebop drone has a three-axis image stabilization technology, 14-megapixel camera and it doesn’t matter what speed the drone is flying, it can still take a clear snapshot. The amazing part is that this drone holds its position and wait for instruction, even when your fingers are off the control buttons. The drone camera produces great photos and videos even when you take a snapshot horizontally it will be in a square format. It has a lithium-ion battery with quick charging capabilities.


  • The parrot Bebop is affordable.
  • It has an in-built camera


  • The camera is immovable.
  • This drone camera can only take a single shot at one angle.
  • It has no swap option

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2. Phantom 3 Advanced

The Phantom 3 Advanced is one of the best commercial drones that offer very impressive performance to clients. This drone is made by DJI and it also comes with the latest features with sophisticated looks. The Phantom 3 has two protective legs to help support the camera that hangs directly underside the drone. This quadcopter is easy to fly and it has a high responsive sense of command while maintaining a stable flight.

With an upgrade in design and battery intelligence, a high voltage, and more power that can take the drone to a length of distance without going dead, this Drone can fly for as long as 23 minutes or more. The drones flight time is about 23 minutes with a distance cover of about 2000 meters.

Drone Features

This drone has GPS hover mode assistance. The amazing thing about this drone is that it can plot its own location and go a long distance without getting lost. This drone calculates in real-time and also you can view its flight route details, flight distance, flight time, flight locations, photos, and videos.

The drone is made up of a very high and durable plastic and aluminum with a weight of about 9.2 pounds. There is a return home button in any case you want your drone to go back to its starting position safely.


  • Different ways of operating the Phantom 3
  • This drone comes with a 16 GB memory card
  • It can cover a distance of 2000 meters
  • It has a 4k camera
  • Has a GPS
  • Great battery life
  • Amazing pictures and Videos
  • Doesn’t make noise when it is been operated


  • The manual doesn’t answer all the questions asked by the neophytes.
  • Expensive
  • If they fly close to kids or animal they could get hurt because of its sharp blades.

3. DJI Inspire 1

The DJI inspire 1 is among the best of the DJI drone models. It has a plastic white body and a four black carbon fiber arms which are covered with very strong material. This drone was designed for durability and agility with large black arms to support the camera.

Drone Features
DJI Inspire is designed for easy flying and it has an inbuilt flight simulator. It operates on a propulsion system with lightweight flexibility. The remote controller has high power and inbuilt stability while flying and taking video shots.


  • Has filters you can actually fit the camera
  • 4K camera
  • It has a very high optical technology flow
  • It has a battery pack
  • It also operates in dual controls


  • Doesn’t have a good look

4. Yuneec Q500+

The yuneec Q 500+ has these unique features with plastic white arms and a black body. This drone has an “H” shape which makes it unique and stands out in the market with a camera that hangs right out its centre.

Drone Features
This drone comes with an ST10 transmitter, Wifi, compass sensor, and a GPS antenna. When you flip the switch on yuneec Q500+ it will return to its starting position and it will land 3meters within its original starting position.


  • Flight time 25 minutes
  • Includes two battery packs
  • Radio controller
  • 4k camera

5. Phantom 4

The Phantom 4 is one of the best DJI in the market and it is so fast and can cover about 45 miles by the hour. Its flight time is amazing about 28 minutes with 1080P, 720P recording video at 4k. It has a LED camera lights running and it is built-in skeleton magnesium.

Drone Features
Phantom 4 has a long flight time of about 28 minutes and covers a flying distance of 5 kilometres. It has a visual tracking mode and it has a positioning system.


  • Longer flight time
  • Great photographs
  • Amazing footage record
  • Easy flying


  • Setup time
  • Crushproof issues

6. Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k

The Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K has a good image transmission, with a circular camera style with two long legs and a LED lights on each arm. This drone is very easy for a beginner to fly and the price is very affordable.

Drone features
The Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k can calculate its motion and drive options in real-time. You can enjoy live streaming videos and it can be flown around automatically.


  • 4K camera
  • It has amazing flight control remote
  • 28 minutes of flight time


  • No camera choices
  • No swapping ability

Commercial Drones have their commercial specific purposes that is different from other Drones like an Educational or Professional Drone

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